Mental health and mental performance training resources for parents.

The Long Ride Home: Supporting Your Kid After a Tough Loss

It can be hard to watch your kid struggle during competition. Maybe they’re nervous, they’re facing a tough opponent, they’re distracted or just not playing their best. Every kid has difficult games and days where they don’t play at their best. While it can be stressful or frustrating to watch, it’s important to remember that…

What is Mental Strength Training?

~3 min read Athletes are often told that their attitude and mindset influence their play, but they aren’t always taught the mental tools that will help them use the connection between their mind and body to their advantage. Learning how to harness both sides of the mind-body equation is incredibly powerful. Athletes can work on…

Eating Disorder Support Guide

Eating Disorder Support GuideDownload

How to Start a Conversation about Eating Disorders

What is Resiliency?

~3 minute read Resilience is a skill that can help you regardless of what challenges life throws your way. Like any skill, resilience isn’t something that you are born with, but something you can train and improve over time. Having resilience means you can cope with challenges and distress and move forward. Resilience is a…

How Does Healthy Decision Making and Boundaries Relate to Drug Use?

~4 minute read Risk-taking and exploration are a crucial part of adolescence and teenage years. Part of growing up is learning how to take healthy and safe risks that expand your comfort zone. For instance, it’s healthy for little kids to take risks like exploring at a playground or trying a new food. As kids…

How to Talk to a Teammate about Mental Health

Nine ways to start an open conversation about mental health with a teammate.

What is Perfectionism?

~2 minute read Feeling driven to work hard and do your best are positive characteristics that many athletes share. It’s normal and admirable to have a strong work ethic, and to succeed, athletes need to have a desire to improve. However, there’s a thin line between striving to be your best and striving for perfection….

How Does Increasing Awareness and Self-Regulation Relate to Drinking?

~3 minute read We all have made decisions or said something impulsively that we later regret. Adding alcohol into the mix lowers our impulse control and increases the chance that we might say or do something we’ll regret. If you find yourself feeling tempted to drink or regretting the decision to drink or specific actions…

How Does OCD Relate to Control and Intentional Habits?

~2 minute read Starting from a young age, we’re taught how to build habits at home, in school, and in sports. Brushing your teeth before bed and warming up before practice are a couple examples of habits that you might not even realize you have because they’re so ingrained into your daily routine. The beauty…

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